Cousin Alice's Press presents: Name That Pet! Names for dogs, cats and all your household pets.
  "Name That Pet!" is the debut offering from author and retired canine behaviorist, Naomi Jones. This is the purrfect pet-naming book for
 any new pet acquisition. With chapters focusing on famous pets, most popular dog names, cartoon characters, and ethnic origins; you're sure to find that ideal name for your new furry family member!

 "Name That Pet!" is a book for the ages. It is a true historical and cultural account of those living or dead, real or imagined whom we 
admire, study, honor, adore, and sometimes even revile. It's charming illustrations showcase all the possibilities the reader may have. It is informative in an educational context as well as a useful tool for personalizing a household pet.

"Name That Pet!"
A Practical Guide for Naming Your Dog, Cat & Other Household Pets

"'Name That Pet!' is one of those funny, uncategorizable books
 that are just for pet lovers. ... It is a really great book!" 

-- Lisa Ann D'Angelo, Managing Editor, Book Review Cafe 

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