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Random Meanderings
Karen Cheng - The Dance
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In life, you have two choices:
You can be happy or you can be dead.


Why do you dance? 
Without music there would be no dance; 
without dance there would be no me. 


I will argue with no one, not even myself.


To be successful, surround yourself with happy people.


Those who can do, those who can't criticize 
those who can.


If you want to be thin you watch a thin person eat.


In life, you can be productive, unproductive or counter- productive. Choose wisely.

 (Thank you GTS Synergy Kombucha: Black Chia - 2018)


If you can't learn from me then I can't teach you.


"28 in '20!" New York Yankees


Why? Because Y is a crooked letter.
(thanks mom.)

My Top Ten Favorite Films

Films that moved me and stayed awhile:

10.  Young Frankenstein. Best comedy ever.

9.  The Killing Fields. True story of war and friendship.

8. The French Connection. I was there the day it was filmed  in my 'hood; car chase extraordinaire.

7. Blessed the Beasts and the Children. Coming of age boys saga before Stand by Me.

6. Wait Until Dark. Classic thriller with dynamite cast.

5. Heavenly Creatures. Peter Jackson's hauntingly true tale of girls' forbidden love and it's devastating consequences.

4. Cabaret. Yesterday's 'Chicago' with the backdrop 
pre-WWII Berlin.

3. West Side Story. The album rocked too.

2. The Ninth Configuration (or Twinkle Twinkle Killer Kane.) From the mind of William Peter Blatty - Vietnam left scars in the most hilarious and poignant way.

1. The Godfather. The Godfather of all film.

Naomi, 2020