Cousin Alice's Press: Name That Pet!-Introduction
Congratulations New Pet Owner! 

You have acquired the newest member of your family. He is loving, soft and playful, or scaly and creepy-crawly. He could either be small or large, thick furred or hairless, exuberant or low-key. What he needs is a name that fully describes his personality, his uniqueness. A name he will respond to happily, though he will never get a complex from an unflattering name!

Here in these pages exist more than 3,000 choices that the whole family can have fun with. Methodically go through each name and take a moment to conjure up an image. If the shoe fits…

If your children have a favorite cartoon or storybook character, they will have a lot of fun choosing from these chapters. Do not be surprised to see many that trigger fond memories from your own childhood. Or, if you are a family of music aficionados, there are many musicians that you may want your pet to honor. The kids may love Beyoncé or Sisqo, though Wolfgang or Amadeus may reflect your own classical preference.

Our culture has produced so many T.V. and movie stars or memorable characters. Benji is just one of many endearing wonder dogs that have come from these mediums. How about calling him Doogie Bowser, or Alfalfa or Spanky from “Our Gang”? Who does he remind you of?

If your pet is a northern breed, that chapter will provide names that are more indigenous to a colder climate such as Aspen or Grizzly. Perhaps, if you have a purebred from a particular country or region, see the section on “Ethnic Origins.” Watch the amusing looks you get when introducing your English Bullmastiff, Big Ben. If you own a Russian wolfhound and are a Sacramento Kings fan, then Vlade could not be more perfect. You may even select a name based on your own culture.

Having acquired two lovebirds, or siblings from the same litter, the chapter “Dynamic Duos” will list many famous pairs, both male and female, or a combination of each. Or, if his color is outstanding: a beautiful Irish Setter, Chocolate Lab, or Harlequin Great Dane, try Scarlet, Kahlúa or Oreo. The color section will provide names that will make him stand out even more.

If you have a new exotic Himalayan or Abyssinian feline friend, see the chapter on “Cats.”

Do you have a wicked sense of humor? Naming your toy poodle Hannibal the Cannibal will surely raise some eyebrows. But if it’s your pet that has a wit of his own, then review the “Funsters” chapter. Here you’ll find names like Hijinks or Gilligan that capture his whimsical nature. Also found here are some of the world’s renowned comedians.

Besides all the people you might love, do not forget those we love to hate. In “Antiheroes” there are infamous villains and the like. Although historically there are the more noteworthy pets, perhaps your animal companion would like to be named after a First Family pet, as described in “Presidents’ Pets.” Just be sure his name does not sound similar to an obedience command.

For everyone’s tastes, from sports to music, there is a name for any pet. Be creative and take your time. Remember, you will be referring to this name each day and forever. Let your imagination run wild; the possibilities are endless. Have fun!

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