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Sherman Oaks, CA -


I am an educated (Masters in Management; Paralegal), self-published author of a unique pet-related book (a former Canine Behaviorist; member of 2 Chambers of Commerce) seeking a partner(s).

Pets are a $44 BILLION industry. (American Pet Products Association, 2009/2010 National Pet Owners Survey.)

I have uploaded a FREE eBook version of my book for viewers on this site:

I also have a digital download of another eBook on Canine Behavioral Problem Solving for sale at:

In addition, I rep a line of Gifts (highly successful 60-year-old Southern California company who drop-ships.) They sub-wholesale (200+ % markup) over 3000 products (collectibles; household products; furniture, etc.)

Insofar as traffic on the web is driven by original content, I possess HUNDREDS of pages of University research/Thesis papers for upload, enabling high ranking search results.

My objective is to augment this site with a fully functioning, sophisticated e-Commerce business model. The back-end allows for everything integral to Internet marketing (RSS feeds; blogs/forums; video/music; Monetization; stats; Web FTP; advertising + promotion; and more! 

WHAT I NEED IS CAPITAL!  I require the assistance of a small staff (graphics, administrative) and I have exhausted all resources and avenues at this juncture. I have a family of business and legal professionals for counsel but need investors to support my company's objectives. If you feel this would be a viable opportunity for yourself or your company, please don't hesitate to contact me. 

Thank you sincerely,

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